Friday, July 28, 2006

Camp is over; baby is coming!

Wow! What a crazy, busy, hectic, fun, tiring summer it's been! Camp is over. What an amazing 5 weeks of seeing kids having fun, and more importantly coming to a closer relationship with Jesus! That's why I haven't posted-haven't had time to post! Everyday was busy, and any time I had to be at home was either spent doing dishes, laundry, or napping. I'm sure no one even looks at my blog anymore-I'm sure you've all given up on me!

You know, it's not always easy having your husband work in a ministry position. The hours were long this summer. And, being very pregnant myself didn't always help. But, the first week of camp, night two, during evening worship it all became clear to me. The camp pastor gave an altar call after his message, and a few kids came forward to accept Christ. That's when, once again, it hit me! What an amazing life we get to live. We get to live and work at a place-a ministry-that leads kids to a saving knowledge of Christ. That's what our life gets to be about. Does it get any better than that? Working in a ministry position doesn't ever mean high pay and fancy vacations, and to be honest, I have struggled with that in the past. I'd like the American dream at times...but what would it cost? Believe me, if you are living it, that's great. But, for us, I know it's not where God has called us to at this time in our lives. None of it will matter-but this will last. I hope I can encourage my girls to understand what an honor it is that God has us here.

Speaking of vacations, we get to go on ours next week. After a long, hard summer, Shane and I are going to get away alone...well, sort of alone. We head to Louisville in 5 days to have a new baby!! We get 4 days away. And, is it crazy to say that we really feel like it'll be restful after the summer? hee, hee...a new baby restful? But, we are so excited to get to finally meet Nehemiah Michael. Shane has finally had time to realize we are having a baby, and he's getting excited. I'm definitely excited, but since both my girls came 12 days early, tomorrow will be the longest I have ever been pregnant! I'm sure he'll be worth it. It may be awhile still til you'll hear from me, but I'll post all about him.

I've posted a picture of the girls at camp this year-after rolling around in our giant mud pit! I wanted to get in so bad-maybe next year. Come on, when do you get that opportunity? Gotta have fun while you can! The girls had a blast.

Well, next time you hear from me, our family will have grown. What a blessing to be a mother. Kari