Friday, July 22, 2011

1000 Gifts (332+)

(some of the flowers my children picked for me)

332. the way God shows me His love through my children
333. Lizzie's little hands massaging my shoulders while I'm reading my Bible, just to speak to me of her love for me
334. babies-like Deacon and Quin-always making me smile..what a gift the little ones are!
335. intimacy
336. "no wrath is awakened in God at my sin, because Christ appeased it!"
337. my "feelings" are not the final word
338. a great VBS week
339. dramas that make me cry
340. ice cream dinners in the heat
341. time with my friend, Jama-to feel normal, and loved, and to love back
342. Myra's tears-weeping with me and for me
343. Lizzie hugs
344. Nehemiah kisses
345. wildflowers in vases, a gift from my children
346. humility, an ever ongoing work in me
347. muffins and fruit
348. waking up early and the quiet
349. food and clothing..with these I am to be content
350. the past is gone, He is doing a new thing
351. gluten free brownies..the best brownies I've ever had!
352. air conditioners..thank you, Jesus!
353. our church
354. the warmth of antiques
355. freshly picked blueberries, a gift from a friend
356. my sisters and getting to know each other as girls are beautiful and I love you
357. the hard questions..causing us to fall on our knees..and even when there are no answers, He is still on the throne, and He knows the answers
358. thunderstorms
359. queen anne's did He get them so delicate?
360. yogurt with honey and berries
361. my parents, always loving us, no matter what, always there to laugh and cry with us
362. my husband, a man of integrity
363. swimming with Robyn, and getting my legs to see some sun for the first time. :)
364. lots of company
365. precious time with my nephews and my family
366. water balloon fight with MOM (who is this fun woman?) :)
367. cookouts and hot dogs over the campfire
368. small victories, for HIS glory
369. Bible study and accountability with my dear friend, Gladine
370. blue skies and beautiful sunsets
371. tall corn and the way the wind blows through the cornfields outside my window
372. such a handsome husband! how lucky I am! :)
373. excedrin (has nothing to do with said husband!) :)
374. walks
375. God's word, which will not return void unto Him
376. gentle breezes
377. food for our enjoyment
378. my hard working husband
379. I have so much more than I deserve
380. sunflower seed shells everywhere I look..all over the the oddest places...traces of my husband who I'm so luck to have. :)
381. my hands are full...of good gifts
382. that all 3 kids still fight over who gets to sit or lay next to me..every time! I am very loved.
383. a peaceful rest outside on a blanket with the kiddos, reading, enjoying Gods' creation
384. blue slushies with my family
385. a fun cookout with our lifegroup (and that other lifegroup) and funny stories and seeing Matt up against the doorframe and Kate's dramatic way of storytelling, which I will NEVER forget :)
386. His unfailing love and faithfulness and His daily strength

The Certainty of Love

photo © 2009 kari mcgrath

"Terror accomplishes no real obedience.
Suspense brings forth no fruit unto holiness.
No gloomy uncertainty as to God's favor
can subdue one lust,
or correct our crookedness of will.
But the free pardon of the cross uproots sin,
and withers all its branches.
Only the certainty of love,
forgiving love,
can do this."

-Horatio Bonar

When Is the Time to Trust?

"When is the time to trust?
Is it when all is calm,
When waves the victor's palm,
And life is one glad psalm
Of joy and praise?
Nay! but the time to trust
Is when waves beat high,
When storm clouds fill the sky,
And prayer is one long cry,
O help and save!

When is the time to trust?
Is it when friends are true?
Is it when comforts woo,
And in all we say and do
We meet but praise?
Nay! but the time to trust
Is when we stand alone,
And summer birds have flown,
And every prop is gone,
All else but God.

What is the time to trust?
Is it some future day,
When you have tried your way,
And learned to trust and pray
By bitter woe?
Nay! but the time to trust
Is in the moment's need,
Poor, broken, bruised reed!
Poor, troubled soul, make speed
To trust thy God.

What is the time to trust?
Is it when hopes beat high,
When sunshine gilds the sky,
And joy and ecstasy
Fill all the heart?
Nay! but the time to trust
Is when our joy is fled, When sorrow bows the head,
And all is cold and dead,
All else but God."

(Selected from Streams in the Desert)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

He Delays

(our house in KY-on the market 369? days now) :)

"I called upon him, but he gave me no answer." (S. of Sol. 5:6)

"The Lord, when He hath given great faith, hath been known to try it, by long delayings. He has suffered His servants' voices to echo in their ears as from a brazen sky. They have knocked at the golden gate, but it has remained unmovable, as though it were rusted upon its hinges. Like Jeremiah, they have cried, 'Thou has covered thyself with a cloud, that our prayer should not pass through.' Thus have true saints continued long in patient waiting without reply, not because their prayers were not vehement, nor because they were unaccepted, but because it so pleased Him who is a Sovereign, and who gives according to His own pleasure. If it pleases him to bid our patience exercise itself, shall He not do as He will with His own!

No prayer is lost. Praying breath ws never spent in vain. There is no such thing as prayer unanswered or unnoticed by God, and some things that we count refusals or denials are simply delays." (H. Bonar, from Streams in the Desert)