Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A New Season

(Deanna and Eric, DeannaKaye Photography)
GO HERE to read about this new season of life for me! God is good! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snow Day (part two #2)..more playing!

My neighbor's little girl..the youngest of four..the only girl! She's little, but she's tough! :)

I looked out and saw Lizzie making a snow angel! I loved the contrast of her pink coat against the dreary day! :)

A view from inside my front door! Remind me to wash that window! :)

I don't know if you can tell, but Myra is "brushing the snow" off Lizzie with a broom! It was very cute.

Break for hot cocoa on the front porch! :)

Snow Day (part two..playing!)

It's not that often that we get "good" snow here in Kentucky, so we like to take advantage when we do! The neighbors were off school, and came over to play..and we love them! :) We have such great neighbors here..we feel very blessed. So, join us for a few images of playing in the snow!
My baby boy..:)...
My beautiful 10 year old!

A view from my kitchen window..yes, I'm a wuss, most of these were taken from the window or front door view! Too cold for mama out there! :)

This one makes me smile! :)

My adorable 7 year old! :) What blessings these kids are and how much fun they had! :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

My View on Life

A couple of weeks ago, I was on my ellyptical machine (that we got for free!), and I was looking down thinking how cute my son looked playing on the floor! So, I got the idea to take pictures of my life from my view on the ellyptical! And, yes, I finished exercising when I was done photographing! :)

I looked over and saw this view of my daughter taking her temperature. Unfortunately, she ended up having pneumonia! I kept trying to "cure" her with fish oil and vitamin C! :) She's all better now, thanks to some antibiotics! :)

As I began to exercise again, I saw Shane teaching Nehemiah how to "play football!"
As you can see, he's still learning how to catch the ball! :) At this stage in his life, he has my skill for playing sports! :) (this picture is my favorite!) hee,hee....

Thursday, January 07, 2010

What Do We Do on Snow Days? (part one-hobbies)

I walked into the living room and Myra was watching "Little House on the Prarie" while crocheting! :) That's my girl!
Here's what she crocheted! The world's longest chain! Ha! I think it's time we move on to a "single crochet" since she seems to have this down! :) No idea what we'll do with this. :)

Snow Day! (pancakes for breakfast)

Well, it was a snow day today! The first "real" (accumulative) snow of the season. The schools were off, and so were we! The kids wanted chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and I said, "why not?!" Lizzie asked me to use my pancake pan that my sister in law got me last year from Crate and Barrel (which I've only used twice? before). The kids were happy, the pancakes were great (Buttermilk Pancakes, recipe from "Dining on A Dime" cookbook-added chocolate chips), and it was a good start to a good day!

This pan is so makes "christmas" designs on the pancakes. I know-Christmas is over! But, it's still winter. :)

He looks a little distressed, doesn't he? :)


I think she's pretty pleased. :)

And, the leftovers are "flash-frozen" on a sheet pan to be enjoyed another day!

Friday, January 01, 2010


Shane and I first saw this recently on the Purgatorio website and laughed so hard we cried! We can't stop singing it (unfortunately?)...enjoy! :)

Making Cookies With Daddy! (part two)

Okay, so I have to admit, the icing did not turn out to be the "best" icing recipe I've ever followed. I have this tendency to like to try new recipes..anyhow I'm getting off on a side road here...this is Shane's cookie creation! We named him "Mr. Bill" and had a great laugh! I am sorry to admit it was the icing more than the "decorator." I'm sure he'd do a great job with better icing, right???? :)

In an effort to save money this year, I tried not to buy a bunch of decorating stuff, and just go with what we had...thus the NEON cookies! :)

Hee, hee! We had to PRESS the decorations into the icing, because the icing was not so sticky. Oh, well, it gave us a good laugh! And, you know, they tasted JUST fine! :)

Making Cookies With Daddy! (part one)

This year, we talked daddy into making Christmas cookies with us, and we had so much fun! He even got to use a hand mixer for the first time in his life, of which he was admittedly a little scared! :) We had a great time, made a great big mess, and made some great memories! :)

Yes, this is our boy "spinning in his apron!" I kind of think it might be time to make him a "man-apron!" It WAS my great-grandmother's, if that helps at all? Probably not! :) ha!

Life With 2 Older Sisters

So, this is what happens when you have two older sisters, who are homeschooled and happen to be studying American History, while you are only 3 years old with no say in the matter! :) I'm sure one day he'll laugh...:)....

Happy New Years!

Well, I want to extend a "Happy New Years" to all of you. I can't believe another year has flown by us. As I think back on this past year, I have many emotions...mostly I am so thankful for God's grace, thankful for how we've grown in our walk with Him, thankful for all of His provisions, thankful for overall health for our family, and I'm looking forward to what this year has in store.

On the blog end, I was not so "dedicated" this year. Part of that was the fact that I started working this year for the first time since I had kids. It was a very busy year, in that aspect, and as we are thankful to God for providing so much work for me, we are looking forward to a bit calmer of a year, in this area. This year, God-willing, I will be working as an associate photographer for DeannaKaye Photography in Louisville. This will change things alot, but mostly it will provide a way for me to still work, still doing photography, but not having to bring my work home. It will free up a lot more time to be "home" when I'm home, if that makes sense. We thank God for this open door for me. And, although it has been a lot of thought about the struggle of giving up control of the editing, pricing, etc...we know this will be better for our family.

So, because of that, I'm hoping to have more time to do things I've missed doing this year, like blogging. Now, this is no "New Years' Resolution"..I know better! I'm sure it might come and go with the seasons of this next year. But, I have some ideas! :) I was thinking back, and one of the posts I still get alot of comments on was the "photo" sneak peek into my world I did...just pictures of everyday life here, from a creative view. It was fun for me, and fun for many of you. So, that's where I'd like to go more often this year...using my photography to tell "our" story. We'll see! :)

As I look ahead to this New Year, I know God's hands are guiding us and leading us, and so I know I can rest. I know there will be hills and valleys, but I know God has ordained each and every one of them, so we can trust Him for what lies ahead. Life is an adventure. Our walk with God is an adventure. Lead on, God, we will follow. :)