Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snow Day! (pancakes for breakfast)

Well, it was a snow day today! The first "real" (accumulative) snow of the season. The schools were off, and so were we! The kids wanted chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and I said, "why not?!" Lizzie asked me to use my pancake pan that my sister in law got me last year from Crate and Barrel (which I've only used twice? before). The kids were happy, the pancakes were great (Buttermilk Pancakes, recipe from "Dining on A Dime" cookbook-added chocolate chips), and it was a good start to a good day!

This pan is so makes "christmas" designs on the pancakes. I know-Christmas is over! But, it's still winter. :)

He looks a little distressed, doesn't he? :)


I think she's pretty pleased. :)

And, the leftovers are "flash-frozen" on a sheet pan to be enjoyed another day!

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Borne.Image.Photography said...

Recipes, please!! =) Love all your photos, Kari! These give me a warm, homey feeling! You inspire me, girl! Tell me again, what's in your 'bag'! Lew and I are looking to upgrade, and need all the info we can get about what's good, and, what's not, where to buy equipment online, etc ... I know you're busy, but when you get a chance ... and do, stop on by my photo blog sometime ... let me know what you think, and besides, I need some followers! Lol!

~ Debi