Thursday, October 30, 2008

A prayer for mommy

I have been in bed for the last two days with (the flu?). I have been very sick, but I have been taken care of by my wonderful, loving husband. He's done such a good job caring for the kids and myself. He even made meatloaf for them tonight-which is the first time I think he's made something from a recipe! At least now I know that if I ever die, he won't have to remarry within the first week! :) ha!

Anyhow, just about two minutes ago, before Myra was headed to bed, she asked if she could pray for me. I had to blog about it! I will try to recount it as accurately as possible..."Dear God, I pray for mommy. I ask you to heal her and help her to get better. She doesn't deserve to be sick, God. She has given birth to three babies. She homeschools us. She takes care of us. She cleans the house. She cooks for us. God, just reach down with your hands and heal her please, because she's the best mom in the whole wide world. And she's pretty." :) :) :) :) :)

Now, I might add that tomorrow is her birthday, and I know she's asking God to heal me, so we can go ahead with her birthday party, and so it might have been a bit of a selfish prayer, but I don't care. It was as sweet as could be! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

No, it's not really Thanksgiving time yet. First we have to get through Reformation Day, or what most of you know as Halloween! :) But, it's coming, and since that last video was so emotional, here's a lighthearted one for you. :) Happy (early) Thanksgiving! Oh, and Happy Reformation Day, too! For some Reformation Day fun :) click here.

Reformation day, or October 31, also happens to be my daughter's birthday. So, also, happy 9th birthday to my precious baby girl! I love you so much! We celebrate each and every day God has given us with you. You are a sweet, compassionate, emotional child. You were blessed with a tender heart, and you love deeply. I pray that as you grow, that you will grow closer to our Lord Jesus and be a woman after God's own heart. I pray that you will walk in truth. You are my firstborn, the answer to my desire for a child, and part of God's perfect plan for our family. I hope I get better (I've been sick the past couple days) so we can still have your party! I'll do my best. Love you, baby girl! :) xoxo

Baby Eliott

My friend, Melinda, emailed me this youtube video today. Warning: I wept and wept. Still weeping, but what a beautiful story of trusting in God and believing Him to be absolutely Sovreign.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's An Actual Real Post!

Hey, all my bloggerland friends. Look! It's a real post...not a " are up on my photo blog" post! Amazing! :) Wow. It's been a busy...while! And, I still have a bit of business left and then things slow down..well, do they really, because the holidays are coming? Maybe not, but they will slow down a bit perhaps.

Wow. Life has been good. We have been doing good in school this year. Today Myra got to go with my friend, Susan, to hear a weatherman from Lexington speak. She said she liked it but didn't understand most of it! So, I asked her what was the one thing she learned, and she replied that "Floods are the killerest of all the weather things that happen." I thought that was a good description! :) ha!

We're continuing our study of early American history and have now ventured into the Little House on the Prarie book, which we are totally stoked about. (that's a So. Cal. phrase for those of you Kentuckians!) Myra loves the movies, and so she's been a bit concerned that the books don't follow the movie that close. I think she's concerned that someone wrote the books wrong, because "Jack was not a bulldog!" But, yes, in the books, he is. And, Pa has a beard. That one just blew her away! :)

Myra has been doing some geometry in her math lately. (do they really start this in third grade? GEEZ!) But, she's been doing very well in it. Lizzie is working on her addition and subtraction skills, which Myra keeps saying is SO EASY, but I keep reminding Myra that it wasn't so easy for her a few years ago.

Lizzie is continually having to be reminded that she is a GIRL and that is a wonderful thing! She loves to be dirty, climb things, wear jeans, and be rough. But, she also continues to constantly bring us laughter!

We have now added some home ec. to our week (on top of what we normally do) and this past week we learned how to PROPERLY set a table and learned the rules of the kitchen. Soon, we will be doing some unit studies on ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and...something else. I'm feeling too lazy to get up and look!

Nehemiah is talking more and more. He went through a few weeks of being the sweetest angel...but has reverted a bit to acting like a normal two year old. But, that's to be expected. He's still alot of fun and ALL boy. His favorite thing is cars!

Myra, the other day, came to me and said..."Mom, am I allowed to say 'What the h_ _ l?' I quickly replied that that was not an appropriate thing to say and that it was cursing. She immediately started bawling and asked my forgiveness because that day at our CHURCH function, she walked around a corner and saw some kids spraying their hair purple and blurted out with the above statement! To which her friend, that was with her, quickly replied "OOHHH, you said the h_e_l_l curse word!" She said "mommy, I didn't know, I didn't know." Apparently she heard it on one of our family friendly movies that I had let her watch. (really, I hadn't seen it in awhile and didn't know, folks) It took everything in me to not fall on the floor laughing, picturing my sweet daughter blurting that out at the church function. Oh well, might as well be a pastor's kid! I kept laughing about that one all day, but did tell her that God knew she didn't know and that He forgave her and that from now on she was responsible if she ever said it again. That didn't seem to offer her much comfort, however, because she was so broken over the fact that she had cursed. Later in the day, Nehemiah pulled down an antique plate I had hanging on my wall and it broke, and she looked at me and said, "I know why our day is cursed!" :) hee, hee...poor girl! :)

Well, on a more serious note, last night I had my first NILMDTS call. So, I spent a few hours at the hospital with our area coordinator. She was amazing, and I was so blessed to be able to go and shadow her. Please pray for this young mother who has lost a child. It was an honor to go photograph this little one and bless this mother with these pictures. God was with me, and it went amazingly well. I didn't cry (and I cry over EVERYTHING). My stomach was in knots for several hours before I left, but once there, I had such a peace. I got in there and did what I needed to do to bless this family. They are in my heart, and always will be, I'm sure. I thank God for this organization and the opportunity to use these gifts He's given me to reach out to those who are hurting.

Don't mean to end this on a sad note, just to catch everyone up on life lately.

Oh, and HAPPY 35th BIRTHDAY to my wonderful husband Shane tomorrow! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life these past 13 years. I love you so much and thank God everyday -(except on the days you get on my nerves!) :)-for you! Even on those days, I know that there is no one else who could fulfill me the way you do. Here's to every day I have had with you and every day I have yet to come! :) xoxoxo

Timothy '09

Timothy's senior pictures are now up on my photo blog. :)

Farley Family

The Farley Family pictures are now up on my photo blog. :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

And one just for fun!

My Family

Well, here we are-my little family! My dear, sweet friend, Melinda, came over yesterday and we hopped across the street from our house and got some pictures done! It's been awhile. I rarely get 'in front' of the camera. Of course-I am better behind it, but I do need proof one day for my great-grandchildren that I DID exist! Anyhow, I love my family. I am so very blessed to have each one of them...Nehemiah keeps me very busy, but gives great hugs and kisses! Lizzie is the one who makes me laugh just about daily. Myra is my sweet, compassionate girl who is such a great helper to me. And, of course, my wonderful Shane, who I just love and adore! Happy Fall to all you out there! :)

The Fosters

Ha! The Foster family pictures are now up on my photo blog. Little "G", here, got ahold of grandpa's sunglasses! Love it! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Likens Family

The Likens' family pictures sneak peek are now on up on my photo blog! :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Womack

Congratulations to Seth and Andrea, who were joined in marriage on October 4th. I am getting their previews up on my photo blog, so be sure to check back often this week for those.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Gretta's Kids

I was also blessed to be able to take pictures for my dear friend, Gretta, recently. She is a local pastor's wife and a dear friend, who has her hands full, as you can see! She is a beautiful woman of God, and her children were so much fun to take pictures of. They are up on my photo blog now, too.

CACH School Pictures

I got to do the school pictures this year for our local homeschool group. For those of you who have been waiting, they are now up on my Photo Blog! :)