Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Family

Well, here we are-my little family! My dear, sweet friend, Melinda, came over yesterday and we hopped across the street from our house and got some pictures done! It's been awhile. I rarely get 'in front' of the camera. Of course-I am better behind it, but I do need proof one day for my great-grandchildren that I DID exist! Anyhow, I love my family. I am so very blessed to have each one of them...Nehemiah keeps me very busy, but gives great hugs and kisses! Lizzie is the one who makes me laugh just about daily. Myra is my sweet, compassionate girl who is such a great helper to me. And, of course, my wonderful Shane, who I just love and adore! Happy Fall to all you out there! :)


Stephanie said...

I love the mama & daughters shot

Rose Starr said...

What a beautiful backdrop (not to mention everyone in the pics)...good for you to do family shots. Our last "real" family shot was 4.5 yrs ago, gasp!

Love your hair, you look beautiful Kari!

Becky said...

Precious! Those are GREAT Pics. Very Nice looking family. You and your family will treasure those forever.