Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Okay, I know I haven't posted in awhile again. Yes, I go through phases. My life is a bit less crazy due to the fact that I am sleeping through the night (all praises to God). But, I am right now recovering from a case of influenza AND bronchitis! Yes, I got hit with a double-whammy! And, in spite of all that. I have been "tagged" by my friend Cari. It means I have to blog about six weird things you all may not know about me...humbling, but I think it's probably the only way she thought I would ever blog again. I told her I would probably have to make them up, because I am so normal, but I think I won't have to. Here we go.....

1) I can touch my tongue to the tip of my nose. I like to consider this more of a talent, than "weird".

2) I can spit really good. I grew up in the country.

3) I don't always answer my phone when I'm home. I don't think this is weird, but it drives my dear neighbor crazy! I just don't always have time. If I do, I will answer, if not-I will call you back. I have three children and I homeschool (which some people also think is weird, but I will not add this to my list), and time is limited to 24 hours in my day!

4) When I was a youth, my parents made me burn(yes, with fire) a Michael W. Smith tape because it didn't contain one word about "God", only "love." Although, is this really a weird thing about me? My parents were going through a real, shall we say-"legalistic"-stage? Yikes! I cried. We had a burning "ceremony". I still remember throwing it into the fire bin we had.

5) My first "kiss", if you can call it that, was in the foyer of a bathroom of this couple from church who were holding a picnic at their house for the church with the pastor's son. Memorable.

6) I took a woodshop class in high school one semester. I got the second highest grade in the class. I loved it! I still have a bench in my living room I made. I guess that's not really weird, but I'm having a hard time here.

Don't worry-I'm sure once Shane gets home, and I say, "honey, what's some weird things about me?" that I will be back on blogging some better ones. I'm sure of it.

On that note, you know there's more to come. Carrie Mills....you're it!