Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Journal Writing-Myra

Here's Myra's journal entry today...

If I were a Parent...

"I would buy myself nutela every week, I would buy beef jerky every week, I would watch any show i want, I would buy three musketeers every week, I would buy a bunch of treets every week, I want as many kids as god gives me, I would go to church every Sunday enless somebody sick, I want to work as a police man, animal cop, or waitress, I would go out to eat once a week, If i have girls i want to name them emily, cristy, sam, and madison, If i have boys i would name them Alex, ben, rex, and cody, I would like to live on a Farm house with 6 bedrooms, 3 full baths and a pool, I would let my kids watch pirets of the caribean one, pirates of the caribean two, pirats of the caribean three, all the lord of the rings, batman one, sighns, the pashion, star wars, all the Jurastic parks, all the indiana jones, and all the iron man vidios real people, and all the spider man vidios real people."

ha,ha!!! So cute! Talk about a run-on sentence! :) So, next week we work on punctuation, capitalization, and spelling! ha! But, at least they are loving to write, where they never did before. I know I will treasure all these journals full of misspellings one day! I love to see how their minds work, what they think about, what they love...and I see "Nutella" as a running them in both of their passages. They always ask for it and I always say "no", so I guess it's time for a special treat soon. :) I'm seeing this as a great way to get "into their little heads", too. Very fun! My favorite line? "I want to work as a police man, animal cop, or waitress." :)

Journal Writing-Lizzie

Today's Journal Entry topic was IF I WERE A PARENT.... here's what Lizzie wrote. :) (spelling and all!)

"If I Were A Parent...

I would spank my children.

I would buy everything.

I would get my own cell phone.

I would get a DS.

I wouldit have to do school.

I would yell at my husband.

I would move to Montana.

I would kill Myra.

I would have my own gum.

I would be in a game show.

I would buy newtela. (nutella!)

I would hug my mom.

I would kiss my husband.

I would sail the high seven seas.

I would be a astrunat.

I would love my family."

So, I guess we need to work on "yell at my husband" and "kill Myra", but overall I thought it was adorable! The kids have asked that we do this assignment every week. I love creative writing-they love it so much more than technical writing! Thanks, Julie at Brave Writer!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

1000 Gifts Thursday

59. the library-and the never ending amount of books for learning
60. cool days, bright sunshine
61. creative kids
62. curry-mmm...beef curry for dinner, one of my favorite flavors
63. new friends, like Sara...thanks for such great fellowship yesterday
64. gluten free banana muffins (mmm...thanks Sara!)
65. gluten free chocolate chip cookies (better than the regular ones)
66. this town..it is, honestly, the nicest (people) town I've ever lived in!
67. warm clothes on cool days
68. our Toyota van-that has been such a great vehicle
69. our truck-which was free and gets Shane where he needs to go
70. kids who are grateful for what they have
71. purified water
72. my camera
73. God's grace, that never ends, and His love that never fails

Teatime Tuesdays

One of my goals this year is to have "Teatime Tuesdays." This first week, we had time, this past week, we did not. However, the kids enjoyed it so much, that they were bummed we didn't do it this week. Teatime Tuesday is a time where we have tea or hot cocoa, sweets, and we read poetry together (each taking turns). Since I left most of our poetry books at home (oops!) , we are starting with Robert Louis Stevenson's "A Child's Garden of Verses."

Enjoying our tea and brownies. :)

Our poetry book.

Pretty girl. :)

First week of school highlights

This year we are studying Geography/Cultures of the Word/Children around the world. We're really enjoying it so far. Here are a few highlights of our first week of school...

Our math programs this year are on the computer...we LOVE it!

Each day we have what we call "book basket" time, where the girls spend 15-30 minutes looking/reading through books I have gotten from the libraray on our current subject. These first two weeks are basic geography/culture books. Later in the year, they will be more specific to our week of study (i.e...Africa, China, etc..)

This first week, the girls filled out a "passport application" for their "trip around the world. They had to fill out the form, write a "check", and address an envelope to the "passport office" (c/0 mom and dad's address!) :) When the "passport officer" (mom) gets around to it, they'll get their "passports" and we'll put a "stamp" of each date we "travel to another country." In this picture, Liz is filling out her "check."

Addressing the envelope.

This week, we colored three pictures from around the world (this one is Korea), and each of them had John 3:16 in that country's language written out.

Nehemiah's first week of school..

Last week, we all started our schoolyear. Nehemiah is doing preschool this year. Thought I'd share a few highlights of his first week..
Tracing (pre-writing)

We're reading stories each week on animals for science.

He learned to trace his hand! He did this all by himself! :)

His new "thing" is drawing on white paper. We now need a "white paper" fund in our budget! :) I have to limit his number each day. Anyhow, these were some monsters he drew..too cute!

And, this was where he learned HOW to draw his hand. :)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

One of my gifts

These were from my hubby last week...just unexpected and for no reason at all..except he loves me. I am so blessed.

1000 Gifts Revisited...

49. the breeze that surrounded me tonight as I was walking...ahhh...
50. homemade strawberry jam (thanks to sis again) (was great on my homemade gluten free yeast rolls)
51. goodnight kisses from the little ones
52. the faithful that have gone before us, and have left their stories to encourage us along (was listening to Piper's sermon on George Mueller on my walk)
53. 14 inches lost in the last month!
54. fall flavors
55. comforting embraces from my hubby
56. family
57. new bikes coming for two of the kiddos (free to us)
58. quiet evenings at home

One Thousand Gifts....Tuesday

holy experience

So..my "One Thousand Gifts" post is 'technically' a 'Monday post,' but since I didn't have the time yesterday, I'm sure I'm still allowed to be thankful on a Tuesday! :) So, to add to the list......

26. that I got to spend time with my dear friend, Elizabeth, and her precious children for a day last week

27. red barns...one of my favorite scenes while driving in Indiana

28. fresh cherry tomatoes, brussel sprouts, and green peppers from my sister's garden

29. crisp, cool days-I LOVE the fall!

30. warm coffee with real cream

31. hugs and kisses from my little ones (all three of them)

32. that the bills are payed and there is food in the pantry

33. Marc and Stephanie-new friends we got to open our home to this past weekend

34. that, as we studied in 1 Kings this past Sunday, 'Jehovah is God'-there is none other!

35. for Larry and Gladine...so full of grace and humility, so encouraging to all who they cross paths with

36. a dishwasher-amen, ladies? :)

37. an amazing husband, who helps me with my kitchen messes (because a good cook makes messes!) by cleaning up my kitchen so often after dinner-how that blesses me!

38. a beautiful, unexpected bouquet of flowers from said husband

39. the missionaries who sacrifice so much to share the gospel

40. that I serve a living God

41. the warmth and coziness of a down comforter (which came with the furnished house, by the way..we are enjoying the gift while we have it!)

42. homemade ice cream (thanks, again, sis!)-there is nothing like it!

43. cute, toothless, crooked teeth smiles that light up my day

44. Myra's laugh..I love her laugh!

45. the man who didn't have to be my husband's dad, but CHOSE to be, not giving up on him when so many did

46. the man who CHOSE my mom and always treated me as his own and love me as his own, who led me to see the Lord in the character and grace he exhibited
"It is good to give thanks to the Lord..." Ps. 92:1

Haircut...Before and After

Do you see the boy, happy and blissful in his curly-headed beauty? (the orange spot on his left nostril is from putting an orange peanut m&m up his nose! As proud as we were of his new "skill", we quickly discouraged that!) Well, daddy was not so happy about boy's bouncy curls...saying he looked like a "girl"...so.....
...out came the scissors and trimmers...and, this is what happened (remember who's idea this was?)...
...and this was the result! Handsome boy? Yes. Happy boy? No. :) He actually told me the next day that he was "just teasing me" with his tears. :)
By the next day he liked his hair. Daddy told him he was "handsome like Peyton Manning." :)