Thursday, September 09, 2010

1000 Gifts Thursday

59. the library-and the never ending amount of books for learning
60. cool days, bright sunshine
61. creative kids
62. curry-mmm...beef curry for dinner, one of my favorite flavors
63. new friends, like Sara...thanks for such great fellowship yesterday
64. gluten free banana muffins (mmm...thanks Sara!)
65. gluten free chocolate chip cookies (better than the regular ones)
66. this is, honestly, the nicest (people) town I've ever lived in!
67. warm clothes on cool days
68. our Toyota van-that has been such a great vehicle
69. our truck-which was free and gets Shane where he needs to go
70. kids who are grateful for what they have
71. purified water
72. my camera
73. God's grace, that never ends, and His love that never fails

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