Thursday, September 09, 2010

First week of school highlights

This year we are studying Geography/Cultures of the Word/Children around the world. We're really enjoying it so far. Here are a few highlights of our first week of school...

Our math programs this year are on the computer...we LOVE it!

Each day we have what we call "book basket" time, where the girls spend 15-30 minutes looking/reading through books I have gotten from the libraray on our current subject. These first two weeks are basic geography/culture books. Later in the year, they will be more specific to our week of study (i.e...Africa, China, etc..)

This first week, the girls filled out a "passport application" for their "trip around the world. They had to fill out the form, write a "check", and address an envelope to the "passport office" (c/0 mom and dad's address!) :) When the "passport officer" (mom) gets around to it, they'll get their "passports" and we'll put a "stamp" of each date we "travel to another country." In this picture, Liz is filling out her "check."

Addressing the envelope.

This week, we colored three pictures from around the world (this one is Korea), and each of them had John 3:16 in that country's language written out.

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