Tuesday, September 07, 2010

One Thousand Gifts....Tuesday

holy experience

So..my "One Thousand Gifts" post is 'technically' a 'Monday post,' but since I didn't have the time yesterday, I'm sure I'm still allowed to be thankful on a Tuesday! :) So, to add to the list......

26. that I got to spend time with my dear friend, Elizabeth, and her precious children for a day last week

27. red barns...one of my favorite scenes while driving in Indiana

28. fresh cherry tomatoes, brussel sprouts, and green peppers from my sister's garden

29. crisp, cool days-I LOVE the fall!

30. warm coffee with real cream

31. hugs and kisses from my little ones (all three of them)

32. that the bills are payed and there is food in the pantry

33. Marc and Stephanie-new friends we got to open our home to this past weekend

34. that, as we studied in 1 Kings this past Sunday, 'Jehovah is God'-there is none other!

35. for Larry and Gladine...so full of grace and humility, so encouraging to all who they cross paths with

36. a dishwasher-amen, ladies? :)

37. an amazing husband, who helps me with my kitchen messes (because a good cook makes messes!) by cleaning up my kitchen so often after dinner-how that blesses me!

38. a beautiful, unexpected bouquet of flowers from said husband

39. the missionaries who sacrifice so much to share the gospel

40. that I serve a living God

41. the warmth and coziness of a down comforter (which came with the furnished house, by the way..we are enjoying the gift while we have it!)

42. homemade ice cream (thanks, again, sis!)-there is nothing like it!

43. cute, toothless, crooked teeth smiles that light up my day

44. Myra's laugh..I love her laugh!

45. the man who didn't have to be my husband's dad, but CHOSE to be, not giving up on him when so many did

46. the man who CHOSE my mom and always treated me as his own and love me as his own, who led me to see the Lord in the character and grace he exhibited
"It is good to give thanks to the Lord..." Ps. 92:1

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