Thursday, September 09, 2010

Teatime Tuesdays

One of my goals this year is to have "Teatime Tuesdays." This first week, we had time, this past week, we did not. However, the kids enjoyed it so much, that they were bummed we didn't do it this week. Teatime Tuesday is a time where we have tea or hot cocoa, sweets, and we read poetry together (each taking turns). Since I left most of our poetry books at home (oops!) , we are starting with Robert Louis Stevenson's "A Child's Garden of Verses."

Enjoying our tea and brownies. :)

Our poetry book.

Pretty girl. :)


Anonymous said...

Tell my beautiful granddaughters and Nehi that I love seeing what they are doing on the blog. Take a drink of cocoa for grammy. I love and miss them all. :)

Rose Starr said...

Aw, tea time! I want to pick back up with that...we love it! Love your recent posts on school :) ...and the new haircut...super cute! Blessings to you Kari!

Kelsey said...

What a sweet idea! You are creating such beautiful memories with your children. Go you. :)

Anonymous said...

Give my beautiful great-grandchildren a hug and tell them we pray that their grandfather overcomes his present problems and returns into their lives, and ours.
Your great-g'ma is home now and Debbie is here to help. She is a real blessing!
We don't have your new address; please call soon.

Anonymous said...

I meant great-grandchildren, not just the girls! They're all wonderful children and we were so happy to see them at the nursing home. Love to all
Great-Grandpa Bob

Anonymous said...

I hope you all had a magnificent Christmas, and wish you the very best New Year! Sorry you couldn't be here but we were very happy to share Christmas Eve with Shawn, Lori, Morgan, Jeremy, Alicia, Jacob, Ambrie, Linda, & Debbie. Shane had to work but came here on Sunday. Bob & Pam couldn't make it, but someday we hope to have the whole family together once again while we're still able to enjoy the reconciliation. Our love to you, Shane, and your wonderful children! You're great parents!
-Your Grandpa & Grandma.