Sunday, November 12, 2006

My beautiful boy!

Okay, so it's already November. Nehemiah is 3 months old, and I haven't posted since October? Or was it September? Who knows if anyone is still watching to see if one day a new post will magically appear on my site? Well...kaboom! The day has arrived! I am still not getting much sleep at night, but maybe a little more than I was. So, how do I quickly capture the last couple months?

Little Nehemiah is a beautiful bouncy baby boy!! Although, he's not really so little anymore. He's now 3 months (as previously stated. boy, I tend to repeat myself alot!) and almost 15 pounds. You know, Myra was only 16 pounds at a year old! He's a strapping young lad! He's started smiling and is playing more-it is just so much fun! We already can't imagine life without him!

The past few months have been crazy at times, to say the least. I do okay most days anymore. There was awhile that I kept coming to church and crying. They all probably thought we were having marital problems or something, but I really was just hormonal and exhausted. I was sure they all talked about me as the "elder's wife who needed some medication!" But it's been, like, several weeks now that I haven't cried my eyes out at church. This is good.

Homeschooling has presented new challenges with a new baby. For one, my house really distracts me. I have to make a conscious decision to stay put and focus on the kids for the mornings. I will say that there have been days that my thoughts have wondered to the public schools and to nannies--and both of them have sounded like incredible blessings! But, I take it one day at a time and really do thank God for this time with my babies! We're pacing ourselves and realizing our limits. And, I'm letting housework go. It's what I have to do for now.

Myra had her 7th birthday a few weeks ago. My baby is 7. She is such a compassionate, sweet girl. We had a princess party, and had several little princesses there. I will try to post pictures later.

Lizzie is still Lizzie! So funny! Today I had her tell someone how brave she is, and she looked at me and said, "Mommy, I am not brave with wolves." I told her I still thought she was brave anyways! She cracks me up.

Yesterday I had a home decor party and my friend who sells the houseware had everyone at the party go around and say what they liked most about me. It felt like a baby shower or something, but I'm always up for a little lifting up of SELF. So, one of my friends said it was my patience. My other friend, Cari, laughed. I suppose it was because she knows me better. Other friends said it was how sweet my spirit is. I think they all said those things to convict me, but they were trying to pass it off as "self-esteem hour." No, really! Do they know how very little patience and sweetness I have had since my baby came? Actually, it may have started in my eighth month of pregnancy. Either way, I thank God for the patience of my children with me! And, we are coming around again to more of a normal life. I think.

So, maybe I won't be the next one to write a book on parenting. But, God is writing the chapters of my life. I am growing and being stretched. And, it's all good.

Okay, my posts are always so long. Maybe if I posted more often, they wouldn't be. But, there is just so much to do these days. The other day Myra took something to the laundry room, and she came out (with a look of amazement) and said, "Mama, the laundry room looks so nice. I can see the floor." (that may not be word for word, but close) So, if I have time to post daily, it probably means I am ignoring my laundry. Or unclean.

Blessings, Kari

**maybe my next post will be on how my country girls-helped their daddy "field dress" (or "gut" for you city folks) a deer today. That one will be especially for Carrie M., my California girl.