Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Journal Writing-Lizzie

Today's Journal Entry topic was IF I WERE A PARENT.... here's what Lizzie wrote. :) (spelling and all!)

"If I Were A Parent...

I would spank my children.

I would buy everything.

I would get my own cell phone.

I would get a DS.

I wouldit have to do school.

I would yell at my husband.

I would move to Montana.

I would kill Myra.

I would have my own gum.

I would be in a game show.

I would buy newtela. (nutella!)

I would hug my mom.

I would kiss my husband.

I would sail the high seven seas.

I would be a astrunat.

I would love my family."

So, I guess we need to work on "yell at my husband" and "kill Myra", but overall I thought it was adorable! The kids have asked that we do this assignment every week. I love creative writing-they love it so much more than technical writing! Thanks, Julie at Brave Writer!

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