Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

No, it's not really Thanksgiving time yet. First we have to get through Reformation Day, or what most of you know as Halloween! :) But, it's coming, and since that last video was so emotional, here's a lighthearted one for you. :) Happy (early) Thanksgiving! Oh, and Happy Reformation Day, too! For some Reformation Day fun :) click here.

Reformation day, or October 31, also happens to be my daughter's birthday. So, also, happy 9th birthday to my precious baby girl! I love you so much! We celebrate each and every day God has given us with you. You are a sweet, compassionate, emotional child. You were blessed with a tender heart, and you love deeply. I pray that as you grow, that you will grow closer to our Lord Jesus and be a woman after God's own heart. I pray that you will walk in truth. You are my firstborn, the answer to my desire for a child, and part of God's perfect plan for our family. I hope I get better (I've been sick the past couple days) so we can still have your party! I'll do my best. Love you, baby girl! :) xoxo

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Stephanie said...

The video is funny