Monday, September 03, 2007

Don't waste your ear wax!

You know, after reading this, I'm afraid I have taken my ear wax for think of all the ear wax I have thrown out over the years. I really am always on the search for ways to save money. I thought this may be useful to others, too.... :)

"Uses for Ear Wax" (1833)

"Those who are troubled by cracked lips have found this remedy successful when others have failed. It is one of those sorts of cures, which are very likely to be lauged at; but I know of its having produced very beneficial results."
(taken from Log Cabin Cooking)
**I have to say that this picture makes me a little queasy when I look at it, but it does add a nice touch to this blogpost, don't you think?

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Cari Chase said...

I've always wondered how you keep your lips so soft and shiny. :-P