Monday, November 10, 2008 Check It Out!

If you haven't checked out this website yet, and you have a good sense of humor, you need to. Now, I'm not saying a few things on here might not offend you, but it always gives me a good laugh! As a matter of fact, we buy stuff from here every year for our family...yes, they love us! :) They have GREAT stocking stuffers! This is a new book(pictures above, details below) they are offering! I think I need it! :) For $9.95, I think it's a good deal! :) Have fun!

Most parents don't know what they're doing -- They try their best to screw up their kids, but most still grow up to be normal adults.
Well, this indispensable book takes the guesswork out of raising a dysfunctional child.
HOW TO TRAUMATIZE YOUR CHILDREN will teach you everything you need to know about messing up your kids.
Within these 191 pages, you'll learn how to shatter self-esteem, buy your child's love, and teach your child how to be a bad friend.
Here are just a few Chapters and Subchapters:
* Don't Cut Your Child Any Slack
* Imagination is an Unaffordable Luxury
* Your Needs Come First
* Your Child's Cues and Needs: Ignore Them
* Push Them Now, Before It's Too Late
Never has so much bad advice been available in one place. So don't leave bad parenting to chance, get How To Traumatize Your Children and learn how to get it wrong the first time

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