Friday, January 02, 2009

Lifestyle Portraits-Marsha and Renee'

Marsha's and Renee's pictures are now posted on my photo blog. I had the privilege of doing two shots in one location a few weeks ago for a dear friend and a friend of hers. We had lots of fun, and got lots of wonderful pictures that I hope they will treasure! :) Love you guys. Thanks for a great day! It also gave me a chance to break in my NEW CAMERA! :) Yea new camera! :)


Rina said...

Hi, I found your blog on Amy's Humble Musings. Your pictures are amazing! Would you be willing to share what kind of camera you have? My husband and I are shopping for a new one right now. Thanks so much!

Rina said...

You're so kind to have visted my blog to leave your response there. The D-90 is the very camera I've been looking at, and I think for now it would be better to go with that than the D-700, and if I"m not mistaken any lenses I get would be compatible with both, if we ever wanted to upgrade (and please correct me if I"m wrong!) I'm so glad to know we're on the right track with this, thank you!