Monday, June 08, 2009

Spurgeon Suite, New Albany, Indiana

My husband posted a great post today on The Spurgeon Suite in New Albany, Indiana. That is where I am writing from! God blessed us with my parents watching the kids so we could get away. We are here two nights then headed up to Indianapolis for a couple nights. We have never been away this long alone! While we love our children, we are having a great time! I have an awesome husband!!! :) (no, that's not me, with flowing hair, in the hot tub!)

In honor of being in the Spurgeon Suite, I wanted to post this quote I read this morning, that tugged at my heart, both convicting and encouraging me at once:

"Another beauty which God puts on the meek is contentment. They that are of a quiet and gentle spirit through the grace of God are satisfied with their lot. They thank God for little. They are of the mind of the godly woman who ate the crust of bread and drank a little water and said, 'What? All this and Jesus Christ, too?' There is a great charm about contentment, while envy and greed are ugly things in the eyes of those who have anything like spiritual perception. So meekness, through bringing contentment, beautifies us." Spurgeon, 1895

God is still speaking to me of contentment (remember all those posts awhile back?) I am SO slow to learn, but His grace on me is great! :)

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Stephanie said...

You have a good husband. I think it's when we do things like this that we really bless our children by giving them two parents in love who are romantic.