Monday, November 09, 2009

Grocery Deals 11.09.09 ($12.59 total)


2 pkgs. Kotex maxi pads

8 oz. cream cheese

Total Spent: $3.25


Swiffer refills 16 ct.

12 pack Scott toilet paper, extra soft

Special K blueberry cereal

Total Spent: $1.34


16 oz. skippy peanut butter

29 oz. Osage Canned Peaches

14 oz. beef broth

Jolly Time Butter microwave popcorn (3 pack)

4 pack Yoplait yogurt

2.75 lbs. bananas

8 oz. shredded Kroger cheese

1 lb. butter

1 bag yellow onions

1 lime

1 loaf active lifestyle wheat bread

Total Spent: $8.00


...the wife and mom said...

I want more details on K-Mart please.

Kari said...

Okay, I had a prescription that I needed to fill. I had a coupon for $10 gift card with new prescription at Target, but our Target doesn't have a pharmacy (in Lexington!). So, I did some research this morning and found out that Kmart takes competitors pharmacy coupons, unless it's for a narcotic. (which mine wasn't-darnit!) :)

So, the toilet paper was on sale for $6.49 (I had a $1 coupon, too), the swiffer sweeper refills were on sale for $4.29 (and I had a $0.50 coupon, too). The cereal was on sale for $2.50 and I used a $1 coupon on that. I used the $10 gift card (free from the pharmacy) and got it all for $1.34 out of pocket! :)