Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Schoolroom Curtains

In our rental home, we are blessed to have an extra room for our schoolroom. However, it's the room you have to enter our house through (not good, since it's not always 'neat'). And, it's all pine, so while it's cozy, it's a bit dark sometimes. So, we decided to give the room some color. (I must add that part of this was due to being at my friend, Meg's, house and seeing how she made her schoolroom bright and cheery-made me realize how 'dull' ours was-not very inspiring). So, we headed out to the fabric store a couple weeks ago and-miracle of miracles-my children ALL decided on one fabric! I'm not sure they have ever been able to agree on anything prior to this. :) It's such a fun fabric. I'm hoping, down the road, to make some chair cushions with some coordinating fabric. For now, I am enjoying our little owl curtains. :)

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Elizabeth said...

Love the curtains! Now you can make some for me! Looking forward to your visit!