Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Conversations with my 5-year-old

This morning, I was reading my 5 year old boy his Bible story. We were reading about Jacob being tricked into marrying Leah, then working seven more years for Rachel. I asked him how he would feel about daddy having two wives. He said, "Mom, I think ants don't worship God." "Why?", I asked. "Because I think that ants have, like, a thousand wives," he said, "and also I never see ants go to church...I think they worship an ant." :)

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Anonymous said...

As I was scrolling through research blogs in studying the Mosaic law of Judaism of the importance of the womans bearing of lineage for my missionary work in Israel, I came upon your blog.

What a touching expression from the mind of a child.Actually a mother ant has thousands of husbands. I'm not sure that one should be contemplated at a young age, yet though in retrospect , I think your cupboards, and home would have many helpers for organization!

Since you have shared your life I suppose I will share a fragment of my study. I can say in defense of the mother, that In the Mosaic law , and Covenant with Israel the mother plays an equal role, and is the factor that determines lineage.Sarai was chosen to determine the final factor of seed chosen Israel, and not Abram, else Ishmael being firstborn would have been chosen instead of Isaac, the same with Jacob.Women throughout Israel's history have played key roles in shaping our history. The Jewish law was changed at the time of the second Temple of determining heritage, and bloodline,and giving the ruling authority to the male, and submissiveness to the female, yet I find im my study it is not G-D's intention. Still today in Jewish law if a child is born with a Jewish mother, and a gentile father , the child is considered Jewish, yet if the mother is gentile, and the father is Jewish , the child is not considered Jewish.

It's metaphorically stimulating to think of the children of Israel as the sand of uncountable numbers , like ants; a reflection of G-D's creation, as man ;both from One mother,who in generations bore G-D's covenant in her womb, and G-D directed within that Covenant one mind to build their house. Hmmmm! much to contemplate!
Even the leading of the Holy Spirit, read in Hebrew is in the feminine.

You have a handsome young man ,and you look to a fine mother for G-D to draw me here!
Toda raba!,much to contemplate Shalom In YHVH;Azriel