Sunday, September 03, 2006


I can't relate so much to this article by Dave Barry, as I have had 3 c-sections. However, it cracked me up, and I'm sure most of you out there can relate. Any woman who has given birth will get a good laugh out of this one!


Starrs In Denver said...

Kari, don't know if you remember me...a friend of the Mills. Knew you back in Murrieta, CA. Anyhow, I came upon your blog from the Brad's page and really enjoyed reading some of your posts. What a beautiful family you have! Your last few posts were encouraging to read. Thanks for sharing. The article by Dave had me laughing out loud many times...almost to the point of tears! I just gave birth to our 4th 4 months ago and with both boys had no pain relievers...they came to quick! Needless to say, I can relate :) Check out my blog sometime if you don't remember me. Take care and God bless you and yours. -Rose Starr (Married Desi Starr from CCBC)

Kari said...

Of course I remember you, Rose! Good to hear from you. Four children? You are very quick and fertile! :) I will go and check out your blog! I knew Brad and Carrie kept in touch with you all. They always talk about whether to go to Colorado or Kentucky for a visit! We're just holding our breath for them to come here for seminary. So, what are you doing in Denver? Weren't you doing some sort of a church plant? Sorry for not remembering specifics! Maybe I'll find out on your blog! Good to hear from you! Maybe I'll have time to blog again one of these days! Kari