Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Starbucks, take me away....!

Okay, where is that verse that talks about God not giving you more than you can handle? hee, hee... This morning I woke up to all 3 of my kids sick. Actually, to say I woke up to it is not quite right, since Nehemiah and I hardly slept last night due to him not feeling well! Poor baby-it's his first taste of this fallen world...well, maybe not quite his first, considering all the poking and prodding they did on him in the hospital, not to mention his circumcision...okay, so not his first taste of this fallen world, but his first taste of being sick. I hate that his life will be full of this.

So, anyways, back to that verse...all 3 kids are sick (I'm sounding repetetive, I know...just hang in there with me; the story WILL end), I have 3 giant cold sores on my bottom lip-due to stress and being sick myself, I'm still recovering from my mastitis...Lord, My Cup Is Full, thank you! I suppose I can look at times like this and say, "I must need some serious refining from the Lord." Okay, Lord, bring it on. If it's what I need, I take it all as from you.

I'd like to say I excel spiritually in these times, that I soar on wings like eagles, that I run and don't grow weary. But, more often than not, I fail!! I get tired and discouraged and grumpy. I have a dear friend, Christina, who I love to death. She is a woman of the Word, and is such an encourager. Whenever I talk to her and I'm sick, she get's so excited that God has given me down time to spend in His word! She usually is saying that as I am flipping the channels on the big silver box of entertainment and joy! So, I hear her words ring in my ears everytime I get sick. "Think of all the time you have to spend in the Word." I love having friends like that. They challenge me. They push me to never settle. I need them!

Okay, well, I will try to keep the kids on the couch today and resting. (I have to wrangle them to rest!!) Iwill hold the baby, keep applying Abreeva to my lips, popping my antibiotics, and hopefully spend some time in the Word learning whatever the Lord wants me to learn from this! Refine me, Lord. You surely know I need it!!

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