Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Godliness and Purity

Okay, Shane and I have gone back and forth on the issue of letting our girls watch High School Musical, the big hit that all the kids are into. We let our girls watch both the first two movies, and though we didn't find them "bad," we just felt that there were better role models we could put in front of our children. Although the movies didn't put out "bad" messages, we didn't feel that any of those girls were who we wanted our girls to emulate. The movies were just more Amoral-not good morals, not bad morals.

Now, some people have thought us a bit...oh...maybe legalistic or maybe we have just agreed to disagree when we prefer to not have our girls watch the movies at home anymore. But, we all have to do what we feel God is telling us.

I just found this article, after having heard it from Shane. Not sure if some of you have heard...but is this really who we want our girls emulating? I don't claim that the movies, which are "worldly-innocent" are celebrating this, but this is who our girls are looking up to and want to be. God has called us to raise our children in holiness, and to put Godly role models in front of them. Please don't misunderstand me. We have made many mistakes and many wrong choices, and have had to go back and rethink things. And, I don't know what the answer is. Are there any shows that uphold Godly virtues for our young children? Do we stop watching TV altogether? I doubt any of us will, but we have a responsibility to our children to protect them from immoral role models, to uphold Godliness and purity to them. Is sexiness "empowering," as Vanessa says? Is NOT posing for Playboy moral enough for us? Is this what we want for our girls? Or, is Godliness beautiful?....just food for thought.

"High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens {who plays Gabriella} has split with her boyfriend and
co-star Zac Efron, and is considering posing for a men’s magazine - according to
Hudgens, who was involved in a nude photo scandal earlier this
month, split with boyfriend Efron while he was overseas, OK! magazine
The mag said Hudgens was seen with another man at a Hollywood Hills
party while Efron was in Australia to promote the movie
Eyewitesses told OK! magazine that Hudgens was “all over” her
older date, and when someone asked her about Efron she “threw a
Meanwhile, the Starpulse entertainment blog reported Hudgens is
considering posing for a men’s magazine - but has ruled out a spread in
“I think being a woman and being able to show a sexy side is
empowering,” Starpulse reported Hudgens as saying.
“Being able to show we are
comfortable in our skin is a good thing. I totally would pose for a sexy
magazine. But not Playboy.”
Earlier this month, a nude photo of Hudgens
circulated widely on the internet.
Hudgens said she was “embarrassed” and
regretted ever having taken the photos.
It is not yet known who leaked the


Kelly S. said...

Kari, I share your concerns what our children are watching. If we examined most actors private lives we probably wouldn't be watching TV at all. Especially older shows we thought were wholesome entertainment. Who would've thought the Brady Bunch dad lived the kind of lifestye he did. Or Bob Crane of Hogan's Heros was a child molestor. Let's not forget Rock Hudson who was a man's mans (or so we thought) who really turned out to be a man's man! :)

Kari said...

Yea, I totally agree. And, I don't mean to come off as you or anyone else don't care what your children are watching. That wasn't meant to be my point. I think my concern with this was that this whole movie series is geared towards our children. And, look at all the clothing, posters, memorabilia...girls are idolizing these kids. So, what do we do? I don't know, either. I guess we just use it as a learning tool for them.

Myra liked Gabriella the best in the movie because she was modest, and wasn't the "sleazy" girl. But, I don't want her to desire to be like "Gabriella" in the movie or in real life. And, we've told her only so much as that she is NOT a modest girl in real life, not a Godly girl, and she shouldn't desire to be like her. And, further, we prayed for her. I want to uphold Godly women to her. Because, sooner or later, if she were older, she would find out what this young lady did. Unfortunately, too many will not care.