Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day In The Life...Photos...TV Problems!

Well, after the big night of the storm...this day we went to turn on our TV...and...nothing! The great "idol of entertainment" was gone...dead...and we were all so sad! What would we do with ourselves? Read? Talk? Crochet? I just knew God was speaking that we needed to let it go...Shane, on the other hand, was sure it was Satan taking away our only form of entertainment! (little joke there, folks) So, this is the saga of our pictures! (oh, the excitement just doesn't end on this blog, does it?) :) (gee, someone should dust the top of that TV!)

Later that day, we went to Best a new one! Hey, we've gotta have something to do! :) Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the new one. I'll save that for another picture blog series! (just gotta keep you coming back!)

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