Saturday, February 23, 2008

What's up with us?

So, I suppose I've been copping out a bit on the posts lately with the pictures and the videos, but somedays it's all I have time for...that, or our life is just not so interesting to post about! :)

Life has been pretty routine lately around here...just schooling, cleaning, work, nothing big. The baby was running a fever that last couple days, but seems to be okay today. We've just ended a week of the stomach bug...but are on the mend.

Shane left early this morning for Seattle to attend a pastor's conference at Mars Hill church. A group of guys went from our church. I guess they missed their check-in by six minutes this morning, though, and so are stuck in Louisiville for the day. According to him, they are at a hotel with a gun show and a group of Pentecostal ladies. Sounds like sweet revenge for leaving all us ladies home alone with the kids for a week! hee, hee.....

I might end up going to the salvage grocery store today with my friend, Cari. It's our new favorite addiction! Cheap groceries! :) Good stuff. If we go, we'll probably take the kids to McDonald's, which would bless my kids' socks off! To cut back lately, we haven't been taking them out to eat at all, and have told them they will have to wait until their birthdays for McDonald's. But, it's neat...this way it's special to them! We'll have to see about that splurge! :)

Church is going good. Shane is LOVING his new "job." He gets so excited with all the 'divine appointments' God keeps bringing him. And, he has such a heart for the people at the church. We continue to be blessed.

Well, folks, that about sums up my life lately. Other than all the pruning the Lord's been doing in my heart...but we won't get into that! :)


Rose Starr said...

We went to a Mars Hill conference almost 5 years ago! Desi and I felt God leading us to Denver during the trip we took from so Cal to Seattle that summer.

Your life sounds a lot like mine...very similar from week to week ;)

Thanks for your photography comment. What camera/equipment do you use?

That pic of your son is adorable.

Stephanie said...

I was just saying to a fellow blogger that she's gone from writing to pictures now that she has a baby. I like to picture you moms with babies playing patty-cake so much that there's no time to write (but I'm sure it's also about meals and laundry). I'm glad you did have time to write a little something.