Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Collett Family Pictures are up

Hey all, I know it's been awhile. I feel like all this is lately is a place to say "I got new pictures posted on my other blog!" But, that's all I've had time for lately, honestly. I just had a photo shoot on Saturday for a great family. We had alot of fun-it was very laid back, just how I like it! :)

Other than pictures, we are continuing to homeschool, which is going well this year. We are continuing our study of early American history with Winter Promise. Both girls are still doing Singapore math, which I plan to continue with until it's over my head...which might be next year! :) (math is not my strongest subject) :) And, we're enjoying our art program that I added this year. We're using "Discovering Great Artists". Each week, the goal is to study one artist and then do an art project in their style. We have done Matisse and Cezanne the last few weeks, since I've had the book. I took pictures of our pictures, and hope to post them, when I have time to edit my own pictures! :) I just started working on some of my own from May. That's how far behind my life is! :) ha!

Last Saturday, our friends from Michigan called and said their vacation plans had changed, and asked if they could come stay with us. And, so, the next evening, the six of them entered our domain and we all shared it for a week-all ELEVEN of us in our 1600 square foot house! It was great! :) They are so much like family to us that it wasn't even a question of "if" they could come. Although, it does seem awfully quiet around here this week! :) It was a joy to have spent a week with them. We'll probably head up there in January!

Some other dear friends, the Thomas'-from Virginia, were supposed to come in for the night tonight with their four kids (I'm seeing a trend here, are you? I would say God is preparing us for four more kids, but my husband might call me "unsaved" at that point!) :) . However, they called about an hour before they were to arrive and said they were in the ER with one of their little ones who was complaining of a bad stomach ache in the car, so they are still there and we are mourning not seeing them, but praying for Lydia. We pray we are able to go see them soon.

Other than that, I have a wedding on Saturday and five more photo shoots this month. It's gonna be crazy! But, I'm thankful I'm so popular! ha! :) We've just gotta get all these pictures in before the weather changes. So, I will be posting alot this month.

Alrighty, it's time for bed. Yes, I am older now, and I have to get up early to school my children! :) I need my sleep. Hope all of you in blog-land are doing well. Hopefully I can continue posting about life, but it might be November before I get to again! :) So, happy October for now!


Becky said...

Well, I keep up with both your blogs, I am talented that way (avoiding house work)lol. Hope the little girl is feeling better. My oldest girl used to get car sick everytime we would go anywhere, maybe that is all it is.You are going to be VERY busy with all those bookings.Hope you have time to post. Take care

Kari said...

Glad to know someone doesn't give up on me! :) ha! I think the winter months will be good for me to keep up with my blog-no photo sittings! I'm sure I'll be so bored and have nothing to do! :)

Stephanie said...

I follow a bunch of blogs and I just wait for a new post to pop up on my google reader...no pressure though...I'll be here.

Math is my strength...In fact I'm a Homeschool Math tutor. Maybe you could find someone who is willing to barter for family portraits. I barter for cooking classes with my friend who's a chef.

Kari said...

Good idea, Stephanie. I really do think I might make it through next year's math, but we do Singapore, and it just seems like more than we did in third grade! :)