Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some of my new favorite cooking/healthy eating blogs

I've been doing alot of reading lately...maybe too much reading at times! :) I love to cook, and I love to cook healthy for my family. In my search to save money, if you've been following my "coupon posts", I just wasn't still happy with how we were eating, feeling like we were eating too many processed foods than what we'd like. So,we've gone back to trying to eat more like we used to (those of you from Cedarmore remember our Kefir smoothies!), and yet still stay in our new budget (which I'll remind you is HALF what we used to spend only 5 months ago!)

It's been challenging, and at times overwhelming and frustrating, but God (and Shane!) are helping me find a good balance. Anyhow, here are some great blogs I've been enjoying. Many of them have good articles on eating healthy on a budget, too. And, by the way, we prefer traditional foods (you know, like great-grandma would have eaten!). :) So, some of this info might challenge what you've believed or thought before. However, in whatever we do, however we choose to eat, we know that it needs to all be to the glory of God. I am not trying to say that I believe this is the only way we can eat and glorify God, please hear that! :) I still like to occasionally eat girl scout cookies, too! :) However, we're trying, and this is how we feel best about feeding our family.

Passionate Homemaking


Kitchen Stewardship said...

I'm honored to be on this list of some of my idols! ;) Katie

Kari said...

Well, I love your blog, Katie. I've found alot of helpful information there! Glad to put you on the list! :) God bless, Kari