Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Anti-Bacterial Soap

Here's a good article I read today. Wanted to pass it along! :)

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borne . image . photography said...

Love that photo ... absolutely adorable!! Hey there! I've been working on my photo site here, and wanted to drop by and catch up with you! I'm lovin' the 'healthy' posts you have! We're on a health kick now, too! Going for a plant based diet ... ran onto a book called "The China Study" ... great stuff about keeping disease at bay! How is your mom doing? Are they still up here in Indy? Ever since Facebook changed, I haven't been catching a lot of people's updates, hers being one of them! It's getting way too confusing over there! Anyway, let me know how she is ... and, how you're all doing! And, please, come on by, and let me know what you think of the new site ... well, not so new, but I'm more active over there now, since I joined the 'iheartfaces' community! Lots of photogs to learn from, over there! You have a great weekend, Kari!

~ Debi