Sunday, October 03, 2010

1000 Gifts Sunday...

74. a fun day out with my sister and my girls yesterday

75. a great day at church

76. cool, fall weather

77. healthy children

78. my dear sister in the Lord, Kim, who opened up her heart to me today...for knowing we're not alone

79. for God's grace and mercy on sinners such as I

80. for the True Woman 2010 conference..what a blessing!

81. for a FREE ticket to True Woman

82. for my new friends..Holly, Renita, and Nancy..and for God's sovereignty in putting us together

83. fall flavors

84. Godly parents

85. the joy of children, not just my own, but the joy that they all bring

86. for God's gentleness to keep reminding us that this world is not our home

87. women like Joni Erickson Tada who realize God's sovereignty and who spur us on

88. the opportunity we have daily to make God famous, through our choices

89. the grace we get when we fail miserably at that

90. the friendships of women

91. dirty dishes...because it means we have food to eat

92. dirty means I have a family to care for

93. today our needs are met

94. hot coffee with lots of creamer :)

95. thankful kids

96. almost 11 years with our oldest daughter

97. suffering that brings about growth

98. all things apples in the fall

99. good, deep conversations

100. authentic people

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