Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If I could go anywhere in the world... (Lizzie)

I'm sharing Lizzie's work, because Myra is more timid and I have to sneak hers into my blog! ha! (again, spelled like she spelled the words. I used to get upset over spelling mistakes, now I realize they are precious and will be a treasure one day. However, we use the spelling mistakes as our spelling words for the next day.)


"If I could go anywhere in the world...

I woulD go to Haiti.
in Haiti I woulD Be a mishenarie.
I woulD live in haiti.
I woulD Give the childern candy.
I woulD help out.
I woulD teacH them abot God.
I woulD teacH them about How to cook.
I woulD say ther's only one God.
I woulD give them toy's.
I woulD tell them a bote crismas.
I woulD Give them steak.
I woulD teacH them Games.
I woulD make a church.
I woulD Give them a hot Dog.
I woulD Give them a Hamburger.
I woulD give them a cheesebugur.
I woulD bring flarp.
I woulD bring mac and cheese."

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