Friday, March 11, 2011

Free from this world

"...As sinful and mortal human beings, we are so attached to this world and its temporary pleasures. Even as believers, we are deeply entrenched in worldly ways of thinking and living. Unless God lovingly loosens our grip on the things of the world, we will never be as likely to long for Him; we will never learn to desire eternity in heaven with Him, where our lives will finally be free from the burdens of this world. Part of the reality of struggle and the need to trust God in it is the reality that we are being fitted and prepared for a heavenly kingdom of beauty, perfect love, and eternal pleasures and purposes. We are also being freed, day-by-day, from this present world." (Sally Clarkson)


Heidi... said...

Based on your posts, you are doing some serious reading this weekend, my friend! ; )

Kari said...

ha! Yes, I have a little more time on my hands this week, without a messy home to clean and three little ones to look after! :) Been a refreshing week so far. :)