Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday is for being Thankful (196+)

On this, my 35th birthday, I realize God has given me so many gifts...and this blog post (link above) reminded me how thankful I am to have my children. Some days are hard, some days seem long, but as she said in that post.."I get to do this!" What a blessing I have been given. And, today, I am so thankful for my sweet family, my amazing husband, my sweet children. I am blessed!

196. rainy days
197. snuggle time in the mornings with my kids
198. homemade birthday cards
199. milky way lattes (thanks, honey!)
200. carbs on my birthday :)
201. 4 more pounds gone!
202. sweet birthday messages on my phone
203. crazy chipmunk birthday songs that make me laugh (thanks, Cari!)
204. movie time with my kiddos
205. laughter
206. friends who "spur me on"
207. answers
208. knowing we're not alone in this race
209. five days away with my husband
210. peace in the midst of a storm
211. fresh, clean "baby" (4 year old) smell after a bath and lotion
212. hope
213. a faithful husband
214. a 4 year old boy who loves "my beautiful lips" and wants to marry me-I will enjoy it while it lasts :)
215. authenticity
216. humility being lived out before me
217. red barns and snow in Wisconson
218. spring in the air
219. grace, unending grace
220. a God who never changes, He is ever faithful


sara said...

KARI!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I have not been on facebook and missed this somehow. I am so glad you had a happy day,despite me not getting to wish you one :)

Kari said...

Sara! Thank you. :) It's okay...my calling you had nothing to do with my birthday! :) You had no way of knowing. :) Look forward to getting together this week.