Monday, December 26, 2011

The Journey Ahead

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. We kept it simple and enjoyed our family (extended and immediate) and are so thankful for all God has given us in them. We realize how truly blessed we are. The delight of children make Christmas, doesn't it? I sat back this year, watching my children, seeing how they are growing so quickly, and enjoying the moments.

Well..once again, I haven't been on here in awhile. Not sure what happens to me...I suppose life and it's busy-ness, dishes, laundry, homeschooling, and sometimes..I just can't find the words to write (or the energy). This has been a good season of life, but it's had some hard times. (don't all seasons?)

Don't know why I don't write in the good and hard times..maybe I'm afraid still to be "too real." Maybe it's wisdom that keeps me from blogging in those times. :) And, truthfully, sometimes I just "crash" at night and can't move, let alone come up with enough brain cells to write! :)

We are now entering a new season of life. I'll blog about that soon..(when I get the courage?). :) Maybe when we're in that season, and I'm more at rest. But, for now, I will share what I read the other day...seemed to be a word from God for me. I took it to heart, and am doing my best to rest in it. Sometimes there is rest along our journey.

"The journey is too great for thee." (I Kings 19:7)

"And what did God do with His tired servant? Gave him something good to eat, and put him to sleep. Elijah had done splendid work, and had run alongside of the chariot in his excitement, and it had been too much for his physical strength, and the reaction had come on, and he was depressed. They physical needed to be cared for. What many people want is sleep, and the physical ailment attended to. There are grand men and women who get to where Elijah was-under the juniper tree! and it comes very soothingly to hear the words of the Master: 'The journey is too great for thee, and I am going to refresh you.' Let us not confound physical weariness with spiritual weakness."

(from Streams in the Desert)

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