Saturday, March 24, 2007


Paul said, "Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am in." (Philippians 4:11)

Now, if Kari were writing this today, it would read: "Well, sometimes I think I am content, until I start watching too many HGTV shows. I feel content, but then those darn NutriSlim commercials come on TV, and I realize I am not shaped like a pencil like those women. I want to be content in whatever circumstances I find myself in...if only God would put me where I want to be...yes, then I COULD be content." Sadly to say, this is the truth of my heart. I long for contentment, but I can get so caught up in the affairs of this world, so "entagled" is what Paul calls it, isn't it? I feel God is speaking to me about, it's not the first time, and I'm sad to say it probably won't be the last. But, I want to keep hearing from Him in this area.

"Contentment is wanting what you already have." (from Thriving on One Income)

"Entire books have been written on the subject [of living frugally], but I think it can be boiled down to two key behaviors: staying home and practicing contentment. Leaving the house costs money and discontentment costs you more than just money." (from


Cari Chase said...

Contentment is something that I struggle with also. There are times when I am very content with the way things are and then I wake up. ;)'s one thing that seems to be my major sinning point. I am always looking around and seeing that others are getting ahead, or making more money, or whatever, and it causes me to stumble every time.

I will pray for you about this, as I know you will do for me. I'm so glad that God brought us together to not only support each other, but also to be accountable. I love you and still miss you. :( When are you coming home?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Cari Chase. Did you get my emails yesterday about the blog? Anyhow, I am planning to come home on Monday. I miss you, too! Not really missing Bagdad so much, but that's just my lack of contentment. Having a rough night. Need your prayers. I'll email you about it. Love ya! K