Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Funny Guy!

Click here to see some great video clips from a guy named Tim Hawkins. Don't know much about him. Shane found him from a link off Joshua Harris' blog. We laughed and laughed at the "Homeschool Family" video. That's what scared Shane the most when we decided to start our homeschooling adventure! He said we would, as long as we never looked like a "homeschool" family-and you all know what I mean! So, I took my jean jumpers back to Goodwill (since you can't find them anymore unless you make them)!

Anyhow, once you're done laughing at the homeschool family, check out "Cletus take the reel." Too funny! :)

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I'll be blogging about ours soon.


Stacy Hutchens said...

Hey Carrie! I found your blog from Monica's. After seeing that homeschool family video, I put it on my blog too. We want to homeschool when we have kids too, and it's funny cause we've also talked about not wanting to look like a "homeschool family" with denim jumpers and such! I love the family in the video though because there are 10 kids! That's totally what I want! :)

I hope y'all are enjoying Frankfort and your new ministry!

Kari said...

Thanks, Stacy! :) We always joke about being homeschoolers! It's definitely for us-everyone can choose what's for them. We're not radical "everyone needs to homeschool to follow God's will" people. But, we have fun. Sure, it's hard sometimes, but mostly when I'm feeling selfish and wanting time alone! :)

We're doing well. Getting the house feels like slowly, but it's only been two weeks. I'm happy with what we've got done. We are loving our little home. Shane hasn't started full-time at the church yet, but it's just nice being here. THank you!