Friday, March 07, 2008

An 18 inch miracle

I found this story off of Amy's Humble Musings blog. A 28 inch woman gave birth to an 18 inch baby. I didn't cry til the end, when her husband started talking. Life is beautiful!


Jenn said...

i want to home school my son , I live in kentucky. I dont know where to begin. Could you give me some advice of what programs is the best to start him with he is 6. I sent hime to public school and it is not working out for him.

Kari said...

Hi, Jenn. Gosh, where to start? There's a lot I'd like to share. There is so much out there. Where are you at in Kentucky? Many counties have a homeschool group/network and that is a good place to get plugged in and meet people in your area. There are so many styles of educating your kids, and it can really seem overwhelming. If you want, email me at: and we can talk more in-depth. :) God bless. Kari