Monday, March 17, 2008


I was reading a new post at a friend's blog this morning. She's been reading a book by Voddie Baucham and posted this quote from the book. It really ministered to me. I want my home to be this way, and I know I have oh so far to go.....

"Our homes must be rife with the aroma of love. Those who visit us should notice immediately that they have left the world of self-serving, egocentric narcissism and have entered a safe harbor where people value and esteem others above themselves. Outsiders should enter our homes and never want to leave. Our neighbors should find excuses to visit us just to get another whiff of the fragrant aroma of love. The brokenhearted should long to be near us. The downtrodden and the abused should seek us out. Families on the brink of disaster should point to us and say, "Why can't our home be like that?"

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Stephanie said...

I want that...we might be close. We do invite people into our home a lot. We have all ages invade our home for different reasons. We host teen movie nights, tea parties, jeep work days...I love filling my home with people.