Friday, March 21, 2008

Working on my photo blog

Well, if it's not enough for me to keep up one blog...I'm trying to keep up two. And, I haven't been doing too great at keeping up either! :) Sorry, folks...contrary to popular belief, us homeschool moms DO have a life! (so many jean jumpers to little time!) :) Anyhow, I tried updating my photo blog a bit today. I'll keep working on it and getting everything on there I need to.

All's good here. Overall, we had a good day. Started out doing school, then the neighbor boys showed up to play. (they are off for TWO weeks for spring break!) So, we played most of the rest of the day. The kids did come back in and finish English later in the afternoon. Shane decided to take the kids to Dairy Queen when he got home. I opted not to go for fear of bowing to the god (little "g") of the blizzard, who-by the way-hates my back side! :) (or loves it, whichever way you look at it) So, Nehi and I stayed home and ate a 2-point ice cream bar. It was good! Then, I worked out later to burn if off, since I am following the Core program this week. (basically, fruits, veggies, lean meats, and ww pasta) Why can't carbs be better for you? They are just so doggone good! Kids are in bed, Shane is laughing hysterically at something he's watching on his laptop, and I'm in here trying to catch you all up on our lives!

Well, I got my "Desperate Housewives Passionate for God" book the other day. Look forward to reading it. I'm sure you'll hear more from it soon. My friend, Cari-who comes over on Tuesdays, and I are going through "The Excellent Wife" by Martha Peace together. I did this study before I was married, and was even convicted then. It's been good this second time around, too. So much to learn. So many areas to grow in. Thank God for his grace!
By the way...yes, that is my son in a dress. But, it was my dress when I was a little girl, and he does look pretty cute in it! I know he will grow up with "issues." But, like my friend Kathleen said to me once (and she has six kids-she should know!), "If you don't give your children a reason to go to therapy when they are older, you haven't done your job as a mother." Truly, it's a motto I try to live by! :)
Okay, I'm gonna go pop some popcorn and have a diet soda. Yes, I know it's 11:00pm, but it's 94% FF popcorn. Hardly a splurge! :)


Rose Starr said...

Thanks for the update. Cute photo by the way...and I just got caught up on your photography blog and added it to Google Reader. I've gotta add it to my blog too!
p.s. great job on your good eating and good exercising! Love that comic below.

Stephanie said...

We're taking 2 weeks off too. I highly recommend it this time of year.

I have a friend that often says "Forget college tuition; I'm saving up for their therapy"