Saturday, October 03, 2009

A new book and an update

(cartoon above by Todd Wilson, Family Man Ministries)

Well, I'm home today...actually, in bed. Sick. With a sore throat, body aches, and I'm very cold. :) My husband left earlier with my youngest daughter to set up his deer stand and prepare for this very looked-forward-to-season of deer slaying! I know that's hard for some of you, but at least know we eat everything he shoots. :) As I have been laying here in bed, occassionally having to get up for my other son and daughter, I have taken the time to read, and I looked over and saw Shane's laptop on his desk, and thought it might be time to catch up on my blog...something I have let go, but only out of neccessity of what's important and what's not so much this season of life. We all get busy, and this has been one of our busiest seasons with the kids and church and my business taking off. It's been crazy, and tough at times, and there hasn't been alot of times for much else, but God's grace has been sufficient. We are growing and learning what to do and not to do this next season (of our lives) and pressing on.

So, school has started for us several weeks ago, and it's actually going well. Our first day was one of our best EVER, let alone for a first day of school. The second day didn't go quite as well. :) We have had bumps (and a few yelling matches probably) along the way, but it always brings us to humility and our need for Jesus! The girls are being much more pro-active in school this year, and more independent than ever. We turned our "craft area" into our "school area" and that is going really well. We have not made any scale models of early America or even baked any food from the civil war era. As much as I plan those things in my head every year, we're good to get our reading in. But, it's going good...overall, I have no big least today, but then again today is Saturday, huh? :)

We were very blessed to be able to go to Virginia last week to visit our dear friends, the Thomas'. They graciously took us into their home and fed us well, and took us all over D.C. and Colonial Williamsburg, and Stacy even took me to my first visit to IKEA! It was a dream for me to be able to go that way and see everything I'd never seen before (even IKEA!). :) Oh, and did I mention I got to go to Ross again? We had them in California, and I have missed them. But, anyhow, it wasn't really a big shopping trip, regardless of how it sounds. :) We love that family and it was alot of fun. Stacy and David watched our kids one day, and Shane and I got to go to Mount Vernon by ourselves! It was lovely. We had a great time, and I was just in awe that George Washington actually lived and walked where I was walking. I think it opened my eyes even more to the history we had been studying. And, when we decided to homeschool years ago, it was always my desire that we could SEE the things we were studying, so it was definitely a dream trip for us.

While there, my friend Stacy (who homeschools her four kids) lent me the book "Lies Homeschool Moms Believe" by Todd Wilson. Now, I LOVE Todd's books. They always make me laugh and they are easy reads, and I always walk away from reading them, thinking.." it's okay. I'm okay. I'm actually normal." :) This book has been no exception. I'm not finished with it yet. I'll keep reading it today as I lay here cold and aching, but it is encouraging my spirit, even though my body is decaying. (I know..drama!) :)

Starting on page 57, he has a section called "Be Real." This really stuck out to me, because it's what we've been tlaking about at church lately. Being real, being authentic, being in community. I hope it's okay to quote part of his book..if not, sorry Todd. And, this doesn't just stand for homeschool moms, I really think it stands for what we as a church are trying to get to..

"When you read the words 'be real' what comes to your mind? Close your eyes and think for a moment. You probably think of words like: transparent, vulnerable, unguarded, defenseless, exposed, and naked.

Being real is all of those things. It is admitting to a friend that your voice is not hoarse because you have a cold...but because you've been hollering at your children all morning. It's admitting to a homeschooling friend that you sometimes hate homeschooling and would love any excuse to put your kids on the magic yellow bus.

It's admitting that you'd be ashamed if some of the vocabulary words you've taught your children were repeated. That's being REAL.

And you know what? We Christian homeschoolers {and I add Christians in general} don't like to be REAL. In fact, we are encouraged not to be real or are criticized when we are. So we do the only reasonable thing we can do-hide......

Behind every 'fig leaf' is the same thinking, I can let them see the real me because they won't like the real me......

One of the greatest benefits of being REAL is people can pray for you and healing takes place...James 5:16.

..Be REAL. Quit hiding it and tell someone the ugly truth about you. It will be hard, and you will feel embarrassed, BUT you will be glad you did. And the good news is-someone will be praying for you! The promise along with confessing is healing!!!...

...Refuse to 'put your best foot forward' as was the counsel of a prominent Christian leader, but instead put your 'REAL' foot forward. Let the world see your failures and shortcomings and then demonstrate what God can do through your weaknesses.

That's the power of being REAL."


Katy K. said...

This was a good post - it is entirely true from my viewpoint here in Abilene - the Bible Belt. Nowhere else have I ever been where the Christians are only Christian on Sunday and they are their real selves the rest of the week. This may be one of A-town's biggest problems! Your post put another perspective on it though - thanks!!

Kari said...

Well..I'm certainly NOT talking about being a Christian on Sundays and being a heathen the rest of the week! :) I'm not one to cheer on "sunday Christians", but there is something to be said for being real, and having real issues. We, as Christians, know that we are not perfect, and we need to stop pretending we are. We need to have issues, and struggle though them, and let the world see that Christ's grace in us is why we are different, you know?

katy k. said...

I agree - being imperfect lets everyone else know that we are only human - and we are all different and have different things happening in our lives. We can't get help and prayers from people if we keep them shut out.