Friday, October 30, 2009

The Queen of Coupons (not me!)

Go HERE to watch this video of an amazing woman! My friends Mandy and Sarah have got me excited again about couponing, but to a different level this time...only buying what you can get on sale with coupons for as little as possible. I am not where this lady is, and even Sarah keeps beating me with her deals! ha! But, I'm learning to do better. I was always one for buying ahead when things were on sale, so my pantry and freezer are pretty well stocked right now. I actually don't have any more room in my freezer for a week or two.

So, last week I spent last week's budget, plus half of this week's (because I found some really good deals), and so I had to be really careful this week with the little I had. I'm not where I want to be, but I have cut my grocery budget in half for the last two weeks, and I'm very excited! So is Shane!

I don't have a picture to go with this week, but here's how I did yesterday:


2 dozen eggs

loaf white bread

16 slices american cheese

(3) 12 packs dr. pepper

box Kroger brand fruit loops

box Kroger brand rice krispies

1 pkg. Ore-Ida hashbrowns

1 pkg. Ore-Ida tater tots

1 reduced for quick sale steak (for Shane's bday last night)

5 bags chex mix

2 (4 pack) Yo-Plus yogurt

1 bag Dole salad

3 tubes Colgate toothpaste

1 roll sausage

4 air wick room freshner sprays

1/2 lb. tomatoes on the vine

2 cans rotel tomatoes

1 can organic kidney beans

1 tub Betty Crocker frosting

12 double rolls Quilted Northern T.P.

Before Coupons: $83.60

After Coupons/Kroger Card: $33.73

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