Friday, July 11, 2008

Bad Dog!

Okay, after writing that nice post on our dog, Belle, yesterday, I have an update. She is NOT a good dog! :) We were gone for five hours yesterday-we've been gone that amount many times. During our brief outing, she managed to knock down the two gates we had up to keep her in, and chew up our mini blinds in our front window! Shane was not so happy with her. He said she gets one more chance! :) Guess it's time to start putting her in the crate when we leave. In the meantime, Shane's headed to Lowe's to pick up new blinds!

Oh, speaking of which...all our blinds on our front window are labeled "Jencraft." The only thing I can find online for Jencraft is a lawsuit back in 1996, because their un-glossy mini-blinds contained lead as a binder. I guess the light deteriorated the blinds, and when you dusted them, the dust got into the air and was hazardous to kids. Any updates on this that anyone knows? I have NO idea how old these blinds are-they are in great condition. I don't know if the company is no longer around, or if they upgraded their products. I'm worried, because of the kids..and because my dog chewed them up! Anyone know anything about this?

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Stephanie said...

Crating the dog is the best way...especially with dogs with seperation anxiety. Good Luck