Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Got My Finger Stuck

Okay, so...Lizzie is my child who is always into something...always getting dirty, always getting into mischief. She's not bad, just curious. Always exploring, always climbing trees and picking up bugs. She was also the child that drew on the walls, "painted" on herself with yogurt, used Desitin as lotion, drew on her arms with a sharpie marker...the one who always keeps me on my toes!

So, yesterday we were in the girls' room, cleaning and reorganizing when she said, "mom, my finger is stuck." I look down and this (refer to picture) is what I see. (Now, I didn't realize until after I took this picture that it was THE finger...so this picture has no "nasty" sub-meanings, it's just a picture of another of her "mishaps!") It's the bottom half of an old recorder. Now, why she was not cleaning, and what possibly possessed her to put her finger into the recorder in the first place I will never know. And, so she got "the lecture"...but then I had to take a picture! :) hee, hee... I have to remember all these things she's done! We DID get it unstuck, but it took pouring water and soap down into the tube! She is just a nut...and I wouldn't have her any other way! :)

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Stephanie said...

I have one of those...oh wait...I am one of those.