Sunday, July 13, 2008

Me and the Kids

My sweet, old neighbor, Jim, took this picture of the kids and I last Sunday. He gave us a copy, and I thought it was a sweet picture. He's always asking me for photography advice-as he loves to take pictures, and I enjoy talking to him! He's also an artist and gave us one of his paintings after Shane helped him with his yard one day. It's a painting of some churches, and he gave it to us since we were, quote "church people!" :)


Stephanie said...

What a great picture! It's funny the details that hit you...I like that your barefoot (I am too so often).

Kari said...

ha! Probably comes from my CA. background! Or, maybe it's more of a Kentucky thing! :) I went out to get the kids, and my neighbor had his little disposable camera and wanted a picture of us! :) I like being barefoot...usually..unless I think about snakes! :(