Friday, March 20, 2009

Christmas-Last Pictures-Random

My baby sister, Kayla, didn't have any money this year to get us gifts, so she wrote us out word scrambles of things she wished she could give us each if she had all the money in the world, and then read us a poem that said, basically, that she loved us and isn't it the thought that counts, anyways? :) It was so creative, and made us cry!

This picture, below, was so cute. I looked over and saw Nehi playing with a castle that someone gave my girls for Christmas. Thank you to the kind family that was. We don't know you, but God does. :)

This picture is just "Lizzie" to me! Cracks me up, my little tomboy!

Lizzie made these bags this year! How cute are they?

Shane-so excited over his stocking stuffer. He doesn't get out much, folks! :) ha,ha,ha!

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