Monday, March 30, 2009

Virtuous Daughters

Photography by Jenneil

My friend, Christina, signed my daughters up for a newsletter called "Virtuous Daughters." We just got the notification in the mail, and we are EXCITED to get our first newsletter!

This is the description of the newsletter: "Many girls feel alone in their Christian walk. Living in the world-but different from it-can be difficult. We hope to offer you some practical encouragement as you follow God. Virtous Daughters is written by like-minded young ladies who seek to encourage and edify one another in their walk with Christ."

This is a monthly publication, written by many participants (mothers and daughters). "Monthly topics include: Bible Reading, prayer, journaling, cooking, housework, Scripture memory, trusting the Lord, contentment, family relationships, wise friendships, standing alone..gratitude, babysitting, and many more!"

For one year's subscriptions, the cost is $6.96! The publishers cover the cost of the just pay for postage for the year! What a great deal! Like I said, we haven't gotten our first publication yet, but I wanted to pass this offer along to all you out there. I will keep you updated as we receive this newsletter.

There is no email or website. You can send $6.96(make checks payable to Virtuous Daughters) to :

Virtuous Daughters
18842 Walding Road
Montgomery, Texas 77356

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