Monday, March 23, 2009

Some More Art!

Okay, can you tell that the baby is asleep and Shane and the kids are at our bible study group? I'm posting several posts! Wowzers! And, no, I'm not being a slacker by not going to our Community Group...the baby has had..well...runny stool the past few days. Poor guy. Seems to be well otherwise, but from the messes we have had to clean up here...well, we'd rather leave them in the house! :) (the messes, that is!) So, here I am with absolutely NOTHING else to do but blog...or do laundry...and so I blog! :)

Here is another of our art projects done earlier this year. This one from a really cool book called, "The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions" by John E. and Danita Thomas. What a fun book this is! Of course, I had planned to do every one of these by...the end of the month I bought it in. But, life happens with us homeschoolers, and so we have done a few in the last schoolyear! :) I'm just making it know, being good with our money! No need to have fun all at once!

ANYWAYS, this project is called "3-D Popcorn Paint." Basically, you color popcorn with food coloring and water, shake it up in a ziploc bag and "paint" your picture...and...well, the results speak for themselves! :) Perhaps next we'll do "Dryer Lint Clay!" Hey-who said you can't keep having fun with the economy the way it is? There's always dryer lint!

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