Monday, April 04, 2011

1000 Gifts (241+)

(photo © kari mcgrath 2009)

"..I am a woman who speaks but one language, the language of the fall-discontentment and self-condemnation, the critical eye and the never learn how to be grateful and happy, whether hands full or empty. That is a secret worth spending a life on learning..." (Anne Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts)

241. hot showers

242. "quiet time" with God in the midst of the craziness of the morning

243. 4 year old hugs

244. salad with strawberries and chicken

245. time getting to know some sweet ladies a little deeper

246. sweet, cuddly babies and the way they smell and the comfort they bring and the way their smiles can brighten your day

247. helpful girls..I don't have to do it all alone

248. computer math make up for my weak points

249. knowing I was made for more, and God's grace to walk that out

250. no laundry on the least for the one hour left in this day :)

251. dishes least for the next eight hours

252. knowing that a pile of dishes tomorrow means my children are with me and are well fed

253. knowing that a pile of laundry on the floor tomorrow means we are well clothed and have more than maybe we need

254. cilantro cream chicken

255. me a bit more time in my week

256. for the hope that lies ahead

257. knowing that God does not change..and being able to look back and see good and have hope of good for the future

258. to be able to feel "at home" in a place that is not "our" home, and where we don't even have our "stuff"...but to know that we are home because God gave us this place for this season, and it has been above and beyond what we could have asked or thought

259. the strength, from God, to say no to what is not beneficial for me for the last four days..only by His grace

260. for L and G and the way they minister to our souls and say words that bring encouragement and comfort, and make me cry and be so thankful for all God has done in bringing us here, because of His grace..and they show His grace

261. for H bringing me "Made to Crave"..God knowing just what I needed and speaking to me and showing me there is a higher way, and giving me daily strength

262. for my camera and the gifts God has given me and showing me who He is through my lens, and giving me peace with who He's made ME to be, and peace not to compare myself so much, and peace to let go for a season and just enjoy

263. my man, who never ceases to amaze me with the way he looks at me and loves me and wraps his arms around me..and he knows me too well..and he keeps loving me anyways..

264. for God's word, that pierces to my marrow, and exposes me, but doesn't leave me naked and cold, rather shows me I'm covered by the blood...and I'm free..and I'm longer an object of wrathe..because of Christ

265. the warm down comforter I will crawl under soon tonight

266. the warm man I will lie next to soon tonight

267. God's provisions for TODAY

268. the children that will crawl into bed with us in the morning, just to be near us, to cuddle..the remembering that they are GIFTS


Sherry said...

Beautiful Kari! It brings so much peace to thank God. Thank you.

Kari said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sherry. I look forward to checking out your blog when I get a chance!