Monday, April 11, 2011

1000 Gifts (268+)

"It's ridiculous how much joy a moment can hold." (Anne Voskamp)

268. the comfort of old friends and a weekend with some dear ones

269. the smell of a baby

270. a gift card to a coffee shop-from a friend, because she had it and thought I needed it more than her

271. the chance to treat my sister to coffee shop on said gift card and time with her and good conversation and getting to know her better

272. free swim Monday

273. free swim at hotel

274. goodwill clothes

275. kids learning to be thankful

276. our lifegroup-and getting to know them better

277. passing the Indiana driving (written) test the first time

278. a backrub from my daughter today, just because I was a bit stressed and she knew, and she showed me grace

279. a text from a friend at just the right time, because God had put me on her heart, because He knew what I needed...the tears it brought to my eyes that HE knew

280. peace

281. laughter with my two sweet friends tonight at free swim...I'm so thankful that God gives me such wonderful ladies to know and maybe even HUG (wink, wink, H!)

282. good books to spur me on

283. for victory this week

284. for those who have gone before us, and left their stories so we don't feel so alone or helpless

285. thunderstorms

286. he still loves me...after all these years

287. new jeans, half price...thanks, sis

288. wood ceilings..gorgeous and warm and comforting

289. 8 months "vacation" in our lake house...I will miss it

290. generous people in God's kingdom, who have much and give much

291. two church families offering us to live with them if we needed...though we may not need it, both times it brought tears to my eyes, because of their graciousness and the healing that brings to our hearts, though they may not even know it

292. that nothing in our lives will be unredeemed

293. that "the pain and hurt look less like scars and more like character" in His hands

294. I am a great sinner, but have a greater Savior

295. cheeseburger soup on a low carb diet

296. honey dijon almonds

297. opening windows to let spring breezes in

298. lessons from years gone by

299. three people looking at our KY house last week

300. daily provision


Sherry said...

I LOVE that you are doing this too! You are so far ahead of me! I just printed out those booklets too. Looking forward to see what the Lord will do in my family's life and in yours. I'm praying for your house to sell!

Kari said...

It has been good to do these booklets this week with the kids. They write the same thing over and over some days, but that's okay, it gets them thinking! Have you read the book? I'm still reading it. It's good. And, I just realized this is Sherry W!! I couldn't tell from your profile picture,so I had to do some digging. :) I just wish I had more time to read blogs and write on mine. I love how you mentioned writing summer posts in the winter in your welcome page, because I have all sorts of stuff I need to catch up on here! :) Thank you for your prayers. We are trusting God, though our faith waivers.

We were in Minnesota recently for the Children Desiring God conference. Loved it. Beautiful state! You guys liking it there?